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Our Story

Taking the road less traveled

Within the boundaries of Exit 388, an idea was formed to bring two things together, an amazing Spirit and a business brand that we could be proud of. This was harder than we thought.

The process to open a Distillery is not an easy one.

When our doors finally opened in March of 2022, we were able to start reaching our customers and a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.

The process was over 3 years long. There were many things we needed to learn, people we needed to meet, process’ we needed to define. There were many days we were questioning if it was worth it, both financially and physically.

With the support of so many people, especially our families, we pushed forward, kept our heads held high and were able to attain our first goal. Doors open.

Our dream is to have quality spirits and to reach people in a positive way.

Shaping and building a community with passion, dedication and most of all fun.

This is our story, the journey from here on out, is for all of us.

Remember, if you have a dream and a passion, go for it. Don’t listen to people who will hold you back, believe in you and believe that anything is possible.

Bottoms up.

Our Vision

When you are starting a liquor brand, you are jumping into a market filled with noise. There are so many to choose from, what would make ours different than any of the other ones?

Our products are only one aspect of our vision. We will always produce a great Spirit. The other aspect is who we are to the core. Hard working, passionate, family orientated and truly Canadian to the core.


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